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English and French classes for Adults

English classes in Canada (ESL)

Let Northwest Homestay and Student Agency help you find the right English school to suit your needs! We are affiliated with the top ESL (English as a second language) schools in Vancouver.
With our help you will save between 15% - 25% on tuition fees.

Our ESL schools offer you:

You can choose to study Full Time, Part Time, Morning, afternoon or evenings.

Send us an email with your questions regarding our English classes or contact us trough our contact information page.

French classes in Canada

The French courses are designed for all ages and according to the student’s level of French. We offer classes from beginner to advanced. The contents of the course are designed in areas of grammar, writing, vocabulary, reading, pronunciation, conversation and comprehension. You can come to study from a minimum of two weeks minimum up to your required learning time.

Send us an email with your questions regarding our English classes or contact us trough our contact information page.

TOEFL Preparation Course

The TOEFL review offers a greater opportunity than any other academic test, new strategies and techniques are acquired by preparing for the test. The preparation course includes computerized practice, oral and written test.

Students at an advanced English level may choose to study the TOEFL Test Preparation instead of General English as their Principal Class.

English classes for Business and Work

The English for Work and Business Program is designed for professionals, business people and university students. Certificate and Diploma programs are available.

Students in this program take three classes per day: Business Oral Skills, Business Writing, and Business Concepts. Although the program uses topics from work and business, the main focus is English. The students will learn a variety of work and business communication skills (meetings, interviews, presentations, telephone calls, negotiations, etc.) and use them with confidence and accuracy. Students will explore various work and business related concepts (marketing, finance, management, international trade, globalization, etc.), and review, the principles of business, cultural differences in international communication, and the use of idiomatic expressions. Students will also work on individual and group projects, give presentations, go on business field trips, and work on practical case studies.

English classes for Academic Purposes

English Classes for Academic Purposes is an intensive English program primarily designed to prepare international and Canadian students whose first language is not English for full-time study at English language universities and colleges. Individuals who require high level English skills for personal or professional reasons can also benefit from studying the English classes for Academic Purposes.

The sessions are seven weeks in length and are offered six times a year. Students are in class for 20 hours a week and are required to do approximately 20 hours of homework per week.

The Program offers courses from the intermediate to advanced level. In order to enter the English classes for Academic Purposes Program, candidates must meet the minimum English language requirement.

For starting dates and fees please contact us directly.

English Law (for lawyers)

This course is designed for lawyers, law students, judges and officials. Course combines specialized seminars on important legal skills with general English classes and legal visits. Seminar topics include: contracts, international arbitrations and mediations, drafting skills, legal research skills and negotiation skills. The classes and seminars are held by Canadian lawyers with many years of teaching experience.


Fashion and Arts

NorthWest Homestay and Student Agency works with the most reputable Fashion, Art and Technology schools in Vancouver in order to offer the best service possible to our students. Come to Vancouver to study:

For more information regarding the programs please contact us

Teaching Training Programs

If you are an English teacher or you already know English and want to improve your teaching techniques this is the perfect program for you.
The teacher-training programs contain classroom instruction, peer teaching, a supervised practicum and observation classes. Based on the Communicative Approach to ESL training, these courses include how to plan lessons and manage time in the classroom. You will study and use different teaching techniques and methodologies, covering language skills and systems, communication skills and more. You will learn classroom games, activities, tasks, ice-breakers and practical classroom management skills.

Choose your area of focus: Teaching Children, English for Special Purposes (ESP) or Tutoring, and attend special seminars on this topic. Be prepared to work after class on homework, readings, lesson planning and assignments. An authentic practicum is included in the course, along with weekly quizzes. To enter the program, you do not need teaching experience, but you should be comfortable functioning easily in English.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Paid internship for International Students

This pay practicum program is for young people entering Canada on a Working Holiday Program Work Permit. We provide valuable assistance to participants in settling in, finding a job and accommodation and getting to know Canada.

The program is designed to allow students to develop the English skills they need for their career through a combination of English classes and work experience in a Canadian company. The available positions are: customer service, ski instructor, cashier, dishwasher, hotel and restaurant staff.

The salaries are according to the assigned job. Wages are between $8.50 CND to $14.50 CND per hour.

Duration of the Program: minimum 28 weeks. (14 weeks study and 14 weeks working).

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