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Homestay in Vancouver

Homestay is an opportunity to stay with a Canadian family. It allows a student to observe and to learn about Canadian culture by participating in normal day to day activities. We visit all of the homes when they apply to become host families.  We look for host families that are friendly and happy, and who are interested in meeting people from other countries.

We also look for conveniences such as internet, as well as proximity to the college where the student will study. Not all people who apply are chosen as host families. Only those people who show they are genuinely concerned about the student's well being are given the opportunity to host. After the student is placed with the family we keep in touch with the student and with the family who is hosting the student, making sure they are all happy with the service provided.

Your Homestay will:

Our student's feesall prices starting from:

Placement Fee (non-refundable)


Homestay (3 meals per day)
Students 18 Years & Older


Homestay (3 meals per day)
Students Under 18 Years


Half-Board Homestay (no lunch)
Students 18 Years & Older


Half-Board Homestay (no lunch)
Students Under 18 Years


Room stay (meals not included)
Students 18 Years & Older


Homestay for under age students

For students who are 17 years or younger, the placement fee is CND $250. Please note that our accepted minimum age is 13. We require a copy of local custodianship/guardianship documents and medical insurance. If the student does not have a custodian or guardian, we will assist in finding one at a pre-determined fee.

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