About Us

We believe in the importance of advising our clients to help them choose the best program that suits their needs and preferences with real and detailed information.

Our Mission

Our mission is to orient, advise and facilitate for those who would like to live and study in Canada for a period of time, considering that each person has different expectations, levels of education, age and English or French language ability. We have also created the best image of Canadian culture, educational programs and different opportunities for intellectual, cultural and personal growth.

Our Task

Our task is to provide the best choice of accommodation to suit your needs and your budget.  We help you to find a place to live, you can choose between living with a Canadian family and having two or three meals per day or you can live with the family and cook your own meals. We can also help you to obtain a furnished apartment in downtown Vancouver if you are looking for more independence.

Message From Our Team

Studies have shown that as many as 80% of International students are dissatisfied with the services and inability of agencies to meet their needs and expectations. At Northwest Homestay and Student Agency we are totally committed to your satisfaction and the quality of the services that we offer. We look for the best education programs that suit you and we also help you at all stages of the process of career planning. Besides learning English, you will learn about different cultures and great places in Canada, you will also learn to interact with people from around the world. We have over 15 years of experience in advising students about schools and accommodation, experience gained for being part of the recognized international association YMCA where we coordinated the English and accommodation programs for International students. Our team understands exactly what it means to be abroad in a country with a different culture.

Our Objectives

Customized Service

We provide customized and high-quality service that meets the students’ needs, for total satisfaction. To get you the best suitable program at the lowest price


We offer a high level of security and success to our students and clients

Support & Training

We present specific programs to meet our students’ needs with complete support from the schools that we represent.